In challenging or booming economies, many debtors take great measures to avoid paying their debts.  Our firm is able to counsel you on those tactics and swiftly determine the likelihood of your ability to collect.

Outstanding Accounts Receivable

We can begin the informal process of collecting your accounts through respectful and ethical means.  We have access to non-public “person search” engines which allow us to track individuals, their addresses, and places of employment.

Lawsuits & Monetary Judgements

Ready to sue?  If you are ready to obtain a legal judgment that a debtor owes you money, our office has experienced litigators ready and able to assist you.

Post Judgment Collections

Already have a judgment?  We can assist you through the garnishment or execution process, including reimbursement for court filing fees and statutory interest.  We are able to garnish bank accounts, garnish wages, or garnish state income tax refunds with relative ease.

Our personnel will interface directly with judgment debtors and eliminate the uncomfortable confrontation between you and your customers.  We work in a professional manner, providing a positive reflection on your reputation.

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